Episode 12: Top 5 Bulking Mistakes: The Skinny Guy Guide to Building Muscle


Growing up being the skinny weak guy who was always seeking the answers to getting buff, I go through my top 5 bulking mistakes and what you need to do to properly put on muscle without gaining excess body fat.

BONUS: I also explain why females should go through a bulking phase in their training along with providing you the step-by-step to starting your bulk!

(3:37): Mistake 1: Dirty Bulking

(8:27): Mistake 2: Overtraining and lifting like a “gym bro”

(20:29): Mistake 3: Relying on Supplements

(25:26): Mistake 4: Not Prioritizing Form/Technique

(33:03): Mistake 5: Mentality & Mindset

(33:36): Why you ladies should bulk for a “toned” physique

(41:45): “How should I begin my bulk?”


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